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About Closeoutdude
Closeoutdude is located in the San Diego area of California. Specializing Liquid Force closeout wakeboard gear since 2002, we strive for fast shipping & customer satisfaction. To reach us via email: closeoutdude@closeoutdude.com. By mail Closeoutdude; PO Box 130772, Carlsbad, CA 92013. For super urgent matters contact the "dude" direct: 760-215-0135.

P.S. We are a really great company, you should buy stuff from us and tell your friends! However, here is some legal stuff:


WARNING! You may be injured while wakeboarding or kiteboarding. Always use an approved flotation device! Ride safe. Don't consume alcohol on the water.

The customer/purchaser/user (known as customer) of any product from Closeoutdude.com hereby agrees to the following.

Customer is aware that wakeboarding and kiteboarding is a hazardous activity. Customer understands that the sport of wakeboarding and kiteboarding, and the use of wakeboarding and kiteboarding equipment, involves risk of injury and that customer is voluntarily participating in these activities with the knowledge of the danger involved. Customer hereby agrees to expressly assume and accept any and all risks of injury or death as the user of this equipment.

Customer agrees that he/she releases Closeoutdude.com as well as any designated company representatives from any and all responsibility or liability for injuries, death or damages while using this equipment. Customer is aware that this is a complete release of liability for every product purchased from Closeoutdude.com and is in effect indefinitely.

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